Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is all Annie's fault!

Well, after the last post, Annie said she would like to see more pictures than I had been doing. they are. I don't know if I can keep this up because making these and vacationing at the same time is a lot of work. Anyway...

This is from last night as I started my midnight work. Fuel!

Looks like daytime but it's actually about 2:00 in the morning as I took a little break.

With the TV on while getting ready for another day....

Chris works her magic on the computer to get some times and stuff!

In the lobby on the way out. Not quite so rushed since we got started so late.
No alarm for a change.

Many people here are nuts for this stuff.


SIM cards. You can see that she loves to spend this kind of money.

Ahhh.....only in Paris.

Nice couple having a breakfast.

Girl's bike, I bet.

Inside Notre Dame, votive candles or something.

Chris gets a pretty good price on some ancient relics!

Ceiling at the crossing. exposed for the walls, not the windows. Spectacular place, free and not hard to get into.

This guy has found something he likes !?

A scary trip to the public toilette produces the packaged germ killer.

Little shops even reflect the constant battle of good and evil... !!?? does that make sense?
It is pretty late at night for me. You must take it with a little.... oh, well.

The French! Everything....EVERYTHING is stylish and beautiful in some way.

You see? They agree with me on the details!

Pompidou Center. "French in Action" anyone?

We have another little camera duel. At least she is looking good.

Cool kids being kids. Notice the guitar. No skateboards.

Pompidou in bkgd. Art museum I guess.

I get all excited but......on strike! The French!?
A lady says they are complaining about the government. hah

We are worn out so we have coffee and stuff. That is a chore in itself.

Nice French woman and her cute little girl. Notice the stylish hat.
Most of the people really seem to be pleased to help us out with the language and all.
It seem like we are all in the same boat in some way.

Sure looks inviting to our sets of sore feet!

Chris tries out the new SIM card and calls Annie. Then we remember it's about 4:00 in the morning there!

A work of French outdoor art. (?)

Another work of French outdoor art. More believable.

Flannery O'Donnell doll. Very rare!

We "stumble across" a huge cathedral in our neighborhood and has the Shroud!

Very somber, no tourist crowds, used in lots of movies. Cool.
It's called St. Sulpice.

Really, most of the folks here are much more animated and focused than this fellow. But he is just a salesman.

Cool old Vespa. I used to ride one of these in my high school days in Sandpoint!

Paris is no longer owned by the taxi drivers! Here is some of the army of motorcycle and scooter riders!! It is amazing. And they all drive like......... well,....Frenchmen!

Finally back to the apartment for food and refreshment. The stuff we have gotten from the market has been amazing! I mean amazing! Ask Francis. He would know. Can't even look at the price though. And that brown milk.....well.

Chris adjusts a very trendy new scarf in preparation for another expedition. I think we were planning a boat trip but started a little late.

Notre Dame from our side. Amazing.

Met some very nice folks from North Carolina. Great to swap our limited knowledge of the foreign land. I'm sure I will have to send them some photos.

A stroll along the river. Absolutely perfect weather. Someone seems to like us. ?

One of the bridges. Any of you homeschoolers know what the "N" could stand for?

The front facade of our place. Our room is in the back but nice and quiet. Very nice, really.

This is what we want. Up on top.

The street.

Here she is. Birthday girl modeling that trendy green scarf!

Art students having picnic on the bridge to the Louvre.

Proof........that I am really here too!

Doodling in an acoustically heavenly archway. Wow. So nice.

Scouting out the entrance to the Louve for later.

Bent wheel on the single speed. Dropped it into a grate! Sad, but fixable.

Fat tire tour group. takes a certain kind.

More great wedding wear. Just outside our door so I can't resist. Amazing silk flying boots for only about 1500 dollars. Too bad we are so heavily invested in Euros now. Never thought I would ever get into currency trading, now I know why!

Finally back in the lobby! We are both Zombies. Did get a trip to the market in tho.
Paper towels and bread for breakfast..............well, not the pa... oh, well. It's way too late now for me to say all of the deep things I have been thinking. I know one thing though. My life will be shorter now.... but it doesn't matter.

PS: Looking this over I see that I have accidentally lost the "Calf Baby" shots!! Bummer. They will show up next time though. As you might guess, it's a great story.


lucyzoe said...

Hey L's,
Love the photos. I'll be sure to say thanks to Annie.

Coffee and wine. I know you're both very happy. How about some pictures of your meals?

Love you both and miss you,

Bonnie Sentz said...

Hi there!
We are enjoying your pics. Keep them coming.

All the best,
Rob and Bonnie

Jonathan McIntosh said...

Emma: "That's the pinkest bike I've ever seen..... Hey look! Lips!"

Jonathan: "You guys look sleepy."

Annie: "Thanks for the tons of pics; your comments make me smile."


Rayia said...

Love the pink bike! And oh, yes, do post pics of your meals!

Blessings to you!

-Rayia and Jonathan Soderberg

Priscilla said...

Hi Chris and Mark,
Absolutey love the photos.
Can't wait to see more.
You both look like you are having the time of your lives.

Bev Atwood said...

My favorite photos of the day: the votive candles and the bench on the tree-lined lane.

Christine Cohen said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures! Have a great time at the Louvre.