Sunday, May 18, 2008

Middle of the night, London!

What a day.... all day and night in the sardine cans, and then toodle around town before sleeping to be sure we can do tomorrow. Off to Oxford to see Merkles.
Took me quite a while to get this computer connected, as usual, but I should be able to keep em coming. We don't miss any of you at all! Sorry.

Starting the day right in Minneapolis with an explanation to the law about my inquisitive camera. He pays by having his legs shown off! Nice guy, tho.

This shot was very difficult to get but here we are...on our way across the pond.

Chris showing off her pretty new money. The queen, you know.

Me showing off my fish and chips...I mean a WHOLE FISH! Ok now...

Thinking deep deep deep thoughts in a place designed for it, I guess.

The London hotel. Nice but certainly cozy! Better get used to taking up less space.

Current fashion in London transport.

And then there are the crazies!! Very cool motorcycling town.

Nothing more fun than meeting people with the camera. Great folks, all!

Doing a little shopping with the locals.

Finally back in the elevator. Longest day of our lives!


Jonathan McIntosh said...

I'm so glad you made it and are having such a great time. Mom looks pretty wiped out though in the last pic. We love you and miss you even if you don't miss us!

Jonathan McIntosh said...

Emma says: "I love you soon. Love Emma. Maybe that's it. And that's it."

Beatrice says: "Love you soon. Goodbye. I love you. Bring me back a toy."

Emma: "It's Emma again. You know, pretty soon you'll be home and you'll give us a toy."

Jonathan: "Bea, do you have anything else to say?"

Bea: "No. That's it."

lucyzoe said...

WeeeeHoooo! The office wasn't the same without you. And you know you miss us. Keep up the posting.

Paula Casebolt said...

You have me completely hooked! I love the picture of your actual plane flying through the air ;)
Can't wait to read about your next adventure!