Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dinner in- la Bateau- the city of lights.

Rats! Maybe I should just hit the hay. I just realized that I have added all of this batch of pictures in reverse order. (actually in correct order) This means that we are starting at the end of the day's adventure.

I suppose I could just erase the whole thing and start over......oh, yea, sure.

So we finally arrive home after a long day. scooter dash shows that it has been drizzling a little.
Perfect Paris night. Cool and refreshing.

The sky is opening and closing like a giant clam. what?

One of the busy intersections. Everything completely different by night.

Color......everywhere, color.

After the boat we take a little walk through the neiborhood we have become comfortable with.
Not so sure those people at the table are comfortable with us though!

Just after getting off the boat.........we were on the top deck and need to warm up a little. This was staged for the camera on the timer although plenty of swindlers offered to take it for us.

Going under a bridge..........the tradition seems to be to wave and blow kisses to each other. So nice. So Paris. These people are lit by floodlights mounted on board which also bathe the banks on either side with a warm glow. wow

Cold blue light indicates the failing of the day. Chris is a little chilly but warm inside!
Our trip takes a little over an hour.

Going under a bridge. There are many bridges, each with a long story related by the guide in French and then in some other language very similar to English.

Shot I am supposed to take, I guess.

Near the Tuileries Gardens somewhere.

Doesn't she look happy? This is why we are here!

Just after getting aboard. This is the Captain, I think. Probably wondering how in the world he got this job! I think he had the Exxon Valdiz before.

Finding a seat. Plenty of room this late in the evening. "Parisis"..........cute. is!

Stolling around the island, plannning to go out on the point. Just then I looked over the rail and discovered a boat preparing to depart. We just stumbled on to the opportunity with only minutes to spare. And.....the boat was exactly the one we had wanted. Amazing.
Just before, I noticed this lady sitting opposite the exit from the prison/palace of justice. She had a professional video camera at her side so I asked her what she was up to. Some kind of thing about the Basque people.. Media folks are always so nice.

Just out for a little evening shopping. The list of people to buy for has burgeoned to fantastic proportions. I guess she enjoys it. So..............

This is actually where it all started: dinner in the apartment while checking the computer for new comments! Notice the food. Real red meat! I had fries at a Mcdonalds today. Guess Paris has really changed.
So I add another set of photos............or sleep? and restful.......sleep, sleep, sleep!


treegrower said...

Ah Paris in the springtime! A typical Mark commentary and a happy Chris - good times! I forgive you for no birthday now Chris. These are welcome substitutes.

Claire said...

Mr. Mark and Miz Chris,

These are good pics, but even better comments! It's fun seeing Europe through your eyes. Ever considered being tour guides? You'd be popular, I know.

Have fun over there...or perhaps you're back already?

Claire, for the Roises

Bev Atwood said...

Faves today: clam, color, light under the bridge, louvre entrance from on high, egyptian hairdo, and "This" unobserved painting. I liked the light on the lady by the window (no suggestions) and the "loo in the lourve" (studied that floor & the half painting above).
GG's 89th b'day yesterday. She ordered roast beef & mashed potatoes, but couldn't choose a dessert (probably because she wasn't making it). Christina made apple crisp. Memorial Day today: baseball in Lewiston with Dean & Bonnie. And news you won't get in Paris: Spokane Chiefs won the championship.