Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Louvre

With careful planning, we were able to get into the Louvre early and really cover some ground before most of the crowds. Not even time to shoot before we went in.

A must see place. Huge and full of much of Europe's most historically important art. Started out as a palace so it is interesting that way too. All of the impressionist stuff and the like has been moved across the river. We will go there another day.

Strangely, we seem to be enchanted in all of our endeavors. (?) Even found nice toilettes.
I have really promised not to go overboard tonight because of our early schedule tomorrow so I hope you are not disappointed.

This is the entrance from one of the windows. Very much newer of course.

Inside the pyramid about to go down.

Looks nice, doesn't it? It is. The French government does this kind of thing right!

Egyptian section. Of course, only 4 hours is nowhere near enough to see much but I like this stuff and we got to see some things Chris likes too.
This hairdo reminded me of her when we were first married. Only hers was much longer!

Much of the place looks like this. Pretty overwhelming at first. After the second hour....pretty mind numbing! Why is she dancing with that naked man?

After snooping around a little, I stumbled upon the place where they make all of this stuff!
Couldn't get any closer for fear of being thrown out!

Another victim of that oppressive French history....?
Or maybe that oppressive Roman history.......? oppressive Greek history.....?
Just reminds me of all of the episodes of "Lost" we have been missing.

I think she is signalling: "Off with their heads!"

Seems to be quite a bit of this kind of thing. Agrippa, I think. Nice if you like really really heavy paperweights.

Another of the scenes I have been trying to recreate from my younger days. Chris is getting sick of it but she forgets that I am going through an old age crisis. Her turn is coming!
Winged Victory at the top of the old entrance stairs. Magic for me. Seems like lots of magic in my life these days. I think it's the long run.

Huge rooms and endless hallways full of paintings......from tiny to billboard sized. Yawn.
(Just joking....I could spend months in here and love it)

Mona Lisa. What most people are here to see I guess. They let the kids get pretty close....probably cuz they can't spit that far!

The other end of the room has this. Seems like a much more substantial accomplishment. Nobody even notices! I don't really care much for either and they serve to keep the rest of the place relatively pleasant. I have spared you a view of the embarrasingly huge crowd!

Not sure about the light, but I like this one. "Death warmed over" color. I thought she was going with the asparagus color for today. Guess I should fix it but I am really sleepy!

Not sure what this means either. Just like it. Send in your ideas. Maybe even a caption like New Yorker does for the cartoons! Win some used Paris museum passes.

I couldn't tell if they were lunching, kissing, or I gave them a wide berth.

Amazing light scene outside one of the toilettes. I spend a lot of my time in places like this. Gives me time to KNIHT.
Whatever happened to IBM anyway? Do they still make typewriters? Slide projectors?

Just can't go anymore. Way too much stuff to show. Here is a nice vanity set. "N" guy had a great place. What was his name again?

Found another great mirror.

Got so much more great stuff from the evening, Paris, "the City of Light" you know.
Just too woozy to do any more. Missing you all more and more. Love hearing from you.
This little dream will come crashing down all too soon. Is it wrong to be such a dreamer?
what about if they come true every so often?


Jonathan McIntosh said...

Emma [commenting on the bust of "Agrippa"]: "Look, there's one philosophy guy."

Bea [commenting on another photo]: "Where's Papa in this picture?"

Jonathan: "That's it girls. What do you want Nana and Papa to read from you in the morning?"

Emma: "Wake up! Wake up! It's time to wake up!"

Bea: "Thanks for the toy!"

Jonathan: "Anything else?"

Bea: "No."

Jonathan: "Bea, do you miss Nana and Papa?"

Bea: "Yeah!"

Hal & Diane said...

Mark & Chris,
I know it's been a lot of extra work for you, but thanks so much for letting your fan-base vicariously tag along on this wonderful trip. You're such a talented photographer, and gifted in the commentary venue as well. What fun we've had!

Old McIntosh's said...

We have been following your travels, and love both the pictures and the narratives! Sounds as though everything has been perfect.

Crystal Comis said...

Oh my goodness. I drooling! I just popped over here from Nancy's site and I can't stop looking at the pictures. I have got to get over there one of these days.
It was nice to see you both, even if it is just in photo's. See you at Trinity Fest!