Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More excitement than we can take!!

Been a big day getting here on the train and taxi. Right in the middle of the city. Unbelievably nice apartment/hotel. Way more than we expected. And the location is incredible.

Zooming through the lobby to do some grocery shopping etc. Apartment, remember?
I'll do more careful shots later.

Well, here's the candy dish on the front desk! What more could you need?

Street outside has this wedding dress shop. Latest styles from Paris, right?

Mom checks out some shops for later. All a little overwhelming.

Finally figured out the name for "bakery". My mind just goes blank. Oh, well.

On the way back Chris points out the boat ride she wants to take. Maybe we will try a nightime trip. Lights and all are amazing.

Strolling on the street. You can't imagine!

She plans for more stuff tomorrow. Paper towels, phone SIM cards, Baguette, wine....what more could we need? Museum passes, Gauloises Brunes, Metro passes, etc etc. Not to mention all of the mandatory shopping for everyone.....Chris first. It is her birthday and we have not had the chance to do it up right.
Nice to hear from a few of you. Makes it seem worthwhile to do this thing. The duty seems to fall to me in the middle of the night. Has something to do with processing photos.
It's not really that we don't miss anyone back home, just that we are so busy getting by and looking at each other in amazement....that we can hardly do anything else.
I guess mostly, I just hope (and yes, pray) that you can all get a chance sometime to do something like this. (unless you are the Patagonia type)
The world is so big and diverse and yet people are so very much alike!

I don't know if that's good or bad but somehow I feel more comfortable knowing it.
Wait.........maybe I don't know it? Oh, well, try for sleep now.
Mr. Mark


Hal & Diane said...

Another Fan of your blogsite. It's wonderful. I am so enjoying watching you two enjoying everything! You deserve it. Have a blessed blast - and Happy Birthday to Chris. Love, yer sister

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Chris and thanks for the picture of Brooke and her "friend"

Jonathan McIntosh said...

Emma: "That doesn't look like candy [on the front desk]... Oh, there's Nana. I miss Nana...."

Jonathan: "Girls, did you know that today is Nana's birthday? Do you want to say Happy Birthday to Nana?"

Emma (singing): "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Nana. Happy Birthday to you."

Jonathan: "Beatrice, do you want to say anything to Nana?"

Bea: "No, I just want to sing Happy Birthday." And so she does.

Christin said...

Haopy happy birthday, Miss Chris! It looks like you're having a marvelous time in Europe. Keep the pictures coming!

Douglas said...

Hey Chris and Mark,
It looks too good to be true. Keep the photos coming. We love to see them.

Are you two coming back?


lucyzoe said...

Chris is eating French food? I'm so pleased to hear it. Thanks Mr. L for the photos and the updates.

Missed you tonite at the AI finale. Our David won. Can you believe it?

I miss you friends. Have fun! And Chris, we'll celebrate your birthday when you return.

Mark and Chris said...

Doug, remember that part about "send money"?

Think about it.

Mark L.

Bev Atwood said...

It is a blast to travel with you and see the world through the eyes of your cameras. Happy birthday Chris! Keep a diary - jot down those ordinary but odd things that only a foreigner could notice (like showers/ toilets and ordering/paying and queuing up (or not). Take photos of the tiny things -- the big things are, well, obvious, except to Mark's eye, which is where the arteest will prove otherwise.
Love you,

Rayia said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs L.! Eat, drink and be merry! Thanks for sharing the trip with the rest of us! It looks just lovely!

jans. said...

Happy b'day dear friend! I am probably a day late but who's counting. Looks like too much fun for just the two of you, we should have gone with you, drat! Mark, great pictures, Chris great purse!We will need a long lunch to hear all the details, write them down so you don't forget the little things! Missing you!