Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Art Walk 2008

Just a little stroll down mainstreet in Moscow, Idaho. It's ArtWalk! Meet the strangest combination of people on this afternoon every June.

I guess I really need this blog outlet for the moment so I will have to post this kind of stuff every so often. I just seem to see everything differently after our trip to Paris. I think it all looks better!

We start at the bike shop where our son works. Everybody is so busy. Even the dogs.

Chris seems to be enjoying herself. Now I have gotten her bike out of storage and she will have to start riding it. Probably won't enjoy that quite as much.
In the corner you can see a little bit of Calf Baby. Goes with her everywhere. I think she likes him better than me.

ArtWalk can get a little weird. Here is a store window full of people holding contorted and uncomfortable looking poses. OK.........?

Emma does this kind of thing whenever I point the camera at her. Where does she learn this stuff? Must be too much Project Runway! I have to admit that it makes my life a lot of fun.

Cat trying to push massive amouts of alcohol on us! Well ok, maybe just one.

But this is what it's all about...........food! Or maybe art?


Buskers! .....without the buttons. What a nice afternoon.

And inside, Miss Natalie Rose holds court with her latest toy.

Dave and Scotty stand guard over Dave's art display at the Wine Company.
Dave saws wood, Scotty lifts weights!

Oh, yea.........the food!

Two students e-mail each other outside Sisters Coffee. ? have I missed something?

Well dressed music major.

Annie inspects the balloons very carefully. Is this art? or..... Well of course it's art!!

I give the balloons my approval!

The nicest people! Richard out in the open, not a flower in sight!

She was trying to convince us all to join her in wading. So enthusiastic. I won't touch outdoor water until after July 4!

Shelly even has grandchildren! Where has all the time gone? Buy her a Mercedes, Shelly!

Quentin with his "free jazz" group. You should have seen the charts!!

Chris with her friend from the Best Western.

Wow.........no other comment necessary.

The board is on fire, Evan! The music was really hot.

Haven't really seen this guy since art school almost 40 years ago! He looks like he made it ok.
Not so sure about myself.

What office is he running for today? Ivar always seems to get the last laugh.

Craig finally got rid of that dangerous motorcyle and now has this dangerous bike! Amazing guy! Hoping to play some music with him. Really talented saxaphone player!

McIvors! Great!

This little girl wanted to go home with us I think. Finally had to shoo her away like a pesky dog. Sure cute enough though!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goodbye to Sam

Our good friends, the Kimmells, before Sam joins the Navy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can't Let Go!

Guess I just don't ever want it to end. Just a few things that I didn't have time for earlier.

I suppose you are all sick and tired of this and just want to see more birthday parties!
Don't worry, we'll have plenty of them.

Here the British authorities are giving Chris a hard time about her papers! She does have the look of a terrorist at times.....maybe only to me....just before bed.

Oh, well. They let us go and in proper English fashion, no bribes were accepted.

Soon, the car will be put in storage and the bikes will have the parking spots.

Here are some typically underfed and undersunned Londoners. I'm sure they have happy lives.
I'm just not watching at the right time.

This seems to be a popular pastime for the commoners. Thumb wrestling. After a few pints, anything can be entertaining.

Now this is what I was hoping to see. Someone willing to play up to the camera a little. I don't think his partner is likely to join in. Rare first sighting of bike helmets. A great marketing
opportunity for you entrouppp... ? For you people who like to make money!

I thought that most of the streets had been redone after the Blitz. I guess not.
It seems that the Romans had done a pretty good job after all.

Never miss a chance to advertise. A little American influence. I felt right at home.

When I asked to take this old fellow's picture he said, "for 50 p". The old chiseler! I kept my ground and he allowed it anyway. It helps to have a sense of humor.

Finally.......... a little high wisdom from the people in charge. It does seem to be sort of cerebral and mystical.

Comedy key chains extract the last Pound from the tourists by saying, "Mind the Gap"!
Who wins?

But just look......look in ...what??? What...is....in....that....black....gap!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Life goes on and Emma turns 5

Bea and Emma with Cinderella and Belle.

She's 5!
Table entertainment
The girls line up to get their hands washed.
Introducing Princesses Kayte, Ava, Lucia, Madeline, Alice, and Emma.
Bea and Ameera wait patiently.
The pinniata (as Bea calls it) is always the big hit.
The party wouldn't be complete without Vi and Papa. (I know, pretty boring after the big trip but, hey, I'm trying!)