Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can't Let Go!

Guess I just don't ever want it to end. Just a few things that I didn't have time for earlier.

I suppose you are all sick and tired of this and just want to see more birthday parties!
Don't worry, we'll have plenty of them.

Here the British authorities are giving Chris a hard time about her papers! She does have the look of a terrorist at times.....maybe only to me....just before bed.

Oh, well. They let us go and in proper English fashion, no bribes were accepted.

Soon, the car will be put in storage and the bikes will have the parking spots.

Here are some typically underfed and undersunned Londoners. I'm sure they have happy lives.
I'm just not watching at the right time.

This seems to be a popular pastime for the commoners. Thumb wrestling. After a few pints, anything can be entertaining.

Now this is what I was hoping to see. Someone willing to play up to the camera a little. I don't think his partner is likely to join in. Rare first sighting of bike helmets. A great marketing
opportunity for you entrouppp... ? For you people who like to make money!

I thought that most of the streets had been redone after the Blitz. I guess not.
It seems that the Romans had done a pretty good job after all.

Never miss a chance to advertise. A little American influence. I felt right at home.

When I asked to take this old fellow's picture he said, "for 50 p". The old chiseler! I kept my ground and he allowed it anyway. It helps to have a sense of humor.

Finally.......... a little high wisdom from the people in charge. It does seem to be sort of cerebral and mystical.

Comedy key chains extract the last Pound from the tourists by saying, "Mind the Gap"!
Who wins?

But just look......look in ...what???!


GAO said...

Nice pics! You guys look like you fit right in.


George and Penny said...

Sheesh! Where have I been? These are great. Why didn't you bring everyone thumb-wrestling rings?