Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some of the photos at NSA Artwalk

I thought you might all get a charge out of a look at some of the photos I have displayed downtown at the NSA Student Lounge. I had them enlarged and framed to make a powerful presentation. Go down and take a look.

This clock has been taking on more significance in our town as time goes by. It represents so much!

Here is Friendship Square, the center of it all. You probably recall this view after staggering out of the Garden Lounge!

I called this one "David's" because this building was the home of David's Department Store when I first came to school here in 1965! I remember buying shirts there. Of course, it's a nightclub now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Lesson for Us All!

And the Lesson is: Make lots of photos of the people and things you care about! And then.....preserve them!

Here is Christine from quite a while ago. When the screen door was new!

This is Annie at the lake.

Jon and Annie on that wonderful Logos special dress up day: "Hippie Day"
I don't think they have it any more.

Me in our house on Howard Street. Notice the trendy footware!

Halloween with Jon dressed as a rocket ship!

Out sailing on Pend Oreille lake with the kids.

Me again........from the "concert tour" phase.

A photo from an early experimental camera of mine. Nobody was interested.

Annie trying on grandma's fur coat! Poof!

The kids in the yard working on their own private battle tank.

Annie.......looking more grown up.

Mom applies the toenail polish. How about that hairdo!!!

Michael in one of his favorite toys. With makeup!

Tisa Gina and Thadeus Danziger backstage at the Blue Mountain Rock Festival.
She was a DJ from San Francisco and he played monster piano from New York.

Finally, my wife in the hospital after the birth of our first child. Doesn't she look fresh and cute?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All the way from Mahn-roe!

Had the Langs from Lousiana in the studio this week. What an absolute delight!

Here are most of the kids.........showing their muscles. All that Hot Sauce!

Megan, the oldest, was just a baby when they lived here last. Now, all grown up.
And so pretty!

Seems that the boys have inherited their dad's knack for the drums! Had a great time at Bucers with Ed on the drums!

This is all of them. Little Miles (Davis) is the most rambunctious.

Ed n' Heidi............We really miss you guys! It's all Robert's fault!

Friday, July 2, 2010

From the past.......

I've been going through my old image archives searching for raw material and I came across these gems.

Best friends.......Emily, the dancer, is pregnant now....with twins!

From way back.........our son Michael with his play friends. They were called "The Poker Club". Not sure why. Bug looks just like his niece, Violet.

Korean night and day, or day and night!