Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Downtown at last.

Took the tube downtown this morning for some official tourist action. First the Tower! Grim but important place.

Chris points out where we are going next. Maybe you can't quite make it out but we got there anyway.

I guess we are required to shoot these guys. I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings anyway.

Inside the Tower is an amazing display of royal history. Here is Henry VIII's armour. Interesting!

Here is a little surprise Henry arranged for several of his wives!

Roaming around, I couldn't resist the way she matched the walls!

Then a little ride down the Thames toward Parliment and all. Very relaxing. Weather just right.

Another required shot. Pretty impressive though. Just behind this is Westminster Cathedral. It is our primary destination.

After touring the cathedral and getting a few Starbucks, we went back to attend Evensong.
Just thought it might be interesting. It was very moving. Almost a surprise to find that this actually is really a church! Anglican, by the way.

It was very difficult to get these photos because they don't allow photography inside!
Guess that's why I am a professional!

Then of course, the Knights of the Bath.

As you might see, we are really having a great time....honest! Up early tomorrow morning for a trip through the Channel Tunnel all the way to Paris. Getting prepared for the culture shock.
Travel has been pretty smooth so far and the hotel here in London has a very helpful and friendly staff.

Still not really missing any of you.....sorry!
Mark and Chris (well, really she's sound asleep but I'm sure she would agree)

Oh, found a few more shots on Chris's camera. She wants full credit but I think the model makes the difference here!

Then a couple more from Oxford. I think Bekah will have to create a line of boys stuff soon.
They are getting a little militant.

This is how it should look.

Had to get mom in a few. Merkles are all amazing. We are so proud to know them and had such a great time!
OK....now off to bed.

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