Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home at last! Or are we?

Finally got it together to do this. Been a little weird the last few days. Just finished watching the 2 hour season finale of Lost. I think we need to go the island....or Paris......or..

Moscow seemed a little depressing at first although not nearly as much as Detroit! Getting used to it now and I feel like I belong where I am. Just had a nice dream...over now.

Really makes a difference to have family to embrace us. Everyone has been so wonderful.

Packing. It finally took both of us jumping on it. And I thought we would have plenty of room for souvenirs after we got rid of Bekah's peanut butter and paper plates!

Chris does stretches in the lobby while waiting for our ride. Gotta be in real good shape to be a world traveler.

I'm a little more relaxed and reflective about it all. Trying to figure out how we can possibly stay forever. Also dreading Charles de Gaulle airport after reading all of the travelers comments about the place.

And the waters part for her.

Our frantic but capable driver. Made it safely and on time. somehow. I suspect he was actually an alien from another planet. His ear was sure a funny shape.

Nice couple from Australia on their honeymoon. They were facing two back to back 12 hour plane rides to get home! Ah, youth.

As we near the airport, I can't resist shooting some of the things that catch my eye. I always seem to be too rushed to think about making photos here. Today will be different.

Chris straightening out some lame baggage clerk.

Interior of the airport! Amazing new efficient comfortable and beautiful place! I am beside myself.

Smug, satisfied travelers on the shuttle train. All dreaming different dreams about where they have been. (or where they are going)

Chris checking her hair in a reflective wall. Looks great, dear.

I think this is how she thought she was looking.

In line with a celebrity! Lady Carla Carter, author and psychic talk show host. presented by Mr. Wonderful Productions. You can see that she just loves the camera!

So much to see, even at the airport. Going on board now and into the strange world of air travel.
From here on, it all goes a little blank. Good thing too.

Out side the Spokane airport in the middle of the night. Everything actually looked this weird. I'm so excited that I can finally record it with the camera. I used to think I was crazy. Now I know that those cosmic rays actually do change the appearance of everything.
Wish I could share this with my old Physics professor.

You all know about this part. Praying......fingers crossed......lucky charms in our pockets. They all came! I'm going to hang that lucky charm from my car mirror.


And don't they all look fabulous? It's because they are! Good to be home........really!

Love to go on and on. You know how I like to gab, but it's pretty late and the week isn't done yet. Looking forward to seeing most of you....oops.. pretty late..

We both were trying to nap today and after about a half hour we both got up and related the same experience. No sleep...just a slide show narrated in French words which had no meaning.


Mark (Chris, of course, is sleeping)


Bev Atwood said...

THE airport (in blue) and the other one with a sidewalk. One of these things is not like the other . . .

Mark and Chris said...

Bev, I think you have won the used museum pass.

At least by sheer numbers alone.
I appreciate your discerning eye though. You are wasted as a secretary!

Mark L.

Signe said...

I think your ticket to doing this forever is to write travel books. I have enjoyed the trip immensely, thank you so much for the great pictures and entertaining commentary.