Monday, May 26, 2008

Musee d'Orsay.........oh, no. Another museum!

Yea, but.......this one is popular. Mostly Impressionist sculpture and paintings. Moved from the Louvre and placed into this old train station. Good idea.

Out on the street first. A few dogs in this part of Paris. Mostly extremely well groomed and behaved. Abundance of Jack Russell Terriers, but also bulldogs, whippets, golden retreivers, and little dogs. Poodles? none!

Here it is, just down the street.

Homage to Hubert Humphrey. They really follow our political scene. I think they feel responsible for our democratic direction. I thought it was our idea.

This is the old clock. Chris has nothing to add.

People receiving a talk from the guide about this bronze statue. I missed what he said.
Chris says: "This is getting boring".
I know she will scrutinize this for grammatical errors so I must be very very careful.

Water skiers? Ice skaters? Modern dancers? Impressions of same?

I started out trying to shoot some of the famous paintings but then I realized it was stupid. We were there to SEE them! After that, it was much better for all of us.
Really, really wonderful to be up close and personal with Van Goghs and Monets.

I thought this little family was so charming. These people populate a wing of my dream world which I have never visited. I will have to stop by for coffee one day. See how the baby is doing.

This fellow seems to have some special insight into these strange busts. Maybe he is related.

Either suffering from musee overload or the intense pressure (weight).
I can relate.

Evidently, this is how the domestic, home spinning wife of the day really looked. Chris says: "we hope she is making herself a shirt".

Part of a very interesting demonstration on how marble sculpture is done. If I can just find something inside our rolling pin..... trying to get out!

Art Nouveau china hutch. Notice the latch in the shape of a small mouse. Lesson in Zoology.

View from up high at the far end. Sculpture in the middle, paintings etc along the sides.

Sleepier and sleepier..........I'm sure that's how you're feeling by now. Just like us. Fabulous gallery. Schedule a whole day if you are into it.

We took the side trip to the little known Musee d' Roumkie. Museum pass was useless here.
Such snobs!

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