Monday, May 19, 2008

Oxford....Merkle Madness!

I'm sure that the two people who are waiting to see these post should be sated by this.
I want you to know, you two, that I have gone to a lot of work to make this happen way out in this backward and dyslexic land. Just send money.

On the train to Oxford for a day of shooting Merkles. We look so fresh and happy.
12 hours later, pretty much done in. But.....really really worth it.

Merkle kids carrying the world on their shoulders.

Now the work begins. Went punting on the Thames with the kids and got great photos.

A bevy of beauties. Everyone doing very well. All bearing each others burdens.

Here they are, the whole Merkle family. Couldn't pass up the geat light.

This is what we came for.....unbelievable shots.... What fun for all of us, but me most.

Whirling Dervish!

A little plot is hatched!

Somehow, this one turned sideways and I don't have the energy left to fix it. Sorry.

Wow.....Beckah is really an artist with this stuff.

In the incredible old Library. Amazing.

The lampost....the Very Lampost... which inspired CS Lewis for Lion, Witch, Wardrobe!

And finally, Brooke with her new "Friend". Charming fellow. Just have to keep an eye on this!

The whole day was absolutely amazing! Wonderful preparation by the Merkles and really perfect shooting conditions. Have a huge stock of incredible shots.

We just collapsed onto the train and now we rest up for a boat trip on the river and some proper tourist duty.

Mark and Chris


Christine Cohen said...

I think your fan base is larger than you imagine, Chris. Joel and I have enjoyed your England posts so far! Those are some fantastic pictures.

Nina said...

Wow! You too are really an artist with your camera Mark. Those pix are beautiful and it is so fun for you to share your trip with us. I can hardly wait for tomorrows post. Wish we were with you!
Love Donna and John

lucyzoe said...

Now do you miss us? Thanks for the pictures. No need to ask if you're having fun.

This time tomorrow you'll be in Paris. WeeeHooo! And Chris will be a birthday girl.

Love you both & miss you!
Lucy Zoe

Katie said...

Fabulous pics! We're excited for more and more.

lucyzoe said...

Happy Birthday, Chris. If I remember correctly, you're about ten hours ahead of us. Big kiss on your face!

Lucy Zoe

Rayia said...

Looks amazing! Love the photo in the stairwell, perfect!
I look forward to all the upcoming posts!