Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday morning at Sainte-Chapelle, relic shopping!

Big day! After watching the situation outside this place for several days, we have decided to get there very early in the morning. The lines have looked like devices of torture designed to make Americans pay for all of their political mistakes! But our Rick Steves wisdom, have the trick!

Voila! No lines.

This place has what everyone says are the BEST stained glass windows on the planet!

Here Chris is stylin for the camera. I think she is getting the idea, don't you?

Crossing to the island. Ile de la Cite'. Historic original beginning of the city.

The chapel itself. Not very big but very old and beautiful. Not even really a church at all.
Designed to house the relics! Haven't really figured out what those are yet.....I thought that's what you called people like me.

Inside you get the idea. The spindly walls and buttresses are only to hold the roof and the windows. Not very good insulation in winter. And....visqueen doesn't even come in that size!
What were they thinking?

Looking up toward the rose. Incredible!

Lots more to it but we must move on.

Entrances to the Metro were designed in the Art Deco style.!

Newer bus on the other hand, designed in the "Bug's Life" style.

These trendy hats are so popular with the tourist here. Chris bought several for our special friends! These people are either Americans or Idol fans. (or both)

Lost tourists! This activity is what most people seem to enjoy a lot here. We are quite good at it now. You know what they say about how to get to Carnegie Hall.

Nice restaurant on our street. Closed on Sunday so it really looks nice.
Just because it is on our street does not mean we can eat there. My shoes would never fly!

Finally straggling in after another rough day of sightseeing and shopping. I can hardly believe I kept her down to only one bag. Unbelievable how much one tiny bag of stuff can cost!!
So.......we must head out now to shop at the market and bakery and have a little glass somewere.
This will be our last night in Paris so I'm kinda thinking of dressing a little and having a nice drink this evening. Have to polish my shoes with some burnt toast!
Penny, I am not having duck! ~'~
Mr. L.

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Douglas said...

Some pretty amazing shots inside that church. We also need even more shots of Chris. She fits so nicely with the scenery.

Doug J