Friday, May 23, 2008

Skimpy posting..........?

This picture got out of order and Googlebloggermeister will not let me include it anywhere else.
This is exactly what we saw after 5 miles of walking. (with all-day metro passes in our pockets!)

(Really, you shouldn't read this one until much later in the sequence but.........ok, it's too late now. What ever happened to slide projectors?)

Blog official post beginning here:

I WISH I COULD MAKE IT SKIMPY. Just can't stop doodling with pictures.
Well......just couldn't leave these out. There were a lot of others that I wanted to do but my head keeps falling and hitting the space bar!

Here our chef prepares our breakfast. Must be almost 11:00 am. This Paris life is rough.

Chris meanwhile considers whether she would look better in spinach or apricot color. These things must be decided before the work later today.

Shouldn't look this close I suppose. It reveals the simple North Idaho cuisine we have been relying on.

Finally.......after getting an all day metro pass, we make it over there. This shot was considered an absolute must. Have a few more of those to do. Want to leave the kids with something noble and sophisticated for their walls when we are gone.

Another classic. Maybe they are having some flooding problems. Plumbing better here than in England though, basically.

This fellow has one of those really creepy dangerous jobs! Painting the inside of the garbage cans. He smiled at me though. The casual French life makes even the lowliest of workers very contented. Apparently.

I am trying so hard to get something a little different of the tower with these photos. Smart.....since only 42,579,210,667,010,331,794 photos have been made of le Tour Eiffel.

Thinking of a new monologue of photos covering all 4 of the working toilettes in Paris. Trouble is, their exact locations remain a secret something like the whereabouts of the holy grail.

Just couldn't pass this one up. I think it's so cute. Kind of like a cartoon. Tell me what Emma and Bea think.

This is another one of those "must have one of you holding up the Eiffel Tower" shots!

These are made effective by the very careful placement of the lens. Quite technical.

Of course, we must stop to smell the roses. Then we don't have to buy them.

This is the Ferrari store. What more can I say? @#)(*%^!

Whoops! I hit the wrong button and all of the Ferraris went away! Story of my life.

A good mirror is worth it's weight. Am I really that bowlegged? Is there a surgery for that?

Arc de Triomphe. Remember the "N" guy? Look it up.

I must do some more on this subject. This is about that special relationship that some French mothers and daughters have. They go around like the very best of friends, hanging on each other everywhere. It is so cute..........and probably meaningful too.
Here, the tall one is the daughter and the mother is being taken shopping, too frail now to go on her own. Tables turn. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.

Smart cars are taking over the world.

I walk down the Champs-Elysees drinking beer and laughing. This place is amazing. This is a potty stop, by the way.

The attack of the 2-CV's!! These little cars used to rule paris. Now they are collected.

Here is the famous stroll. Quite nice and the people are all in a good mood. I understand that in some other places, things aren't this good, but I'm not there now.

The oppressive weight of French history!

Love these Mansard roofs. The color!

The target!!

Family experiencing alienation and frustration after visit to the Louvre. Notice the distance between them, physically and spiritually! That terrible weight!

Interesting study in the meaning of footware. North Idaho on left, Paris on right.

Like candy for my eyes! Can't seem to get enough, even here.

Should I have started with this? How would you know?
Here is.......calf baby!!

She got the red, of course. Very expensive.............calf baby.

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Bev Atwood said...

Today's favorite photos: Too many to choose: water under the tower, compressed tower (really cool), base of the tower, detail of people on the tower and Chris hitting the target. And the Arc too -- beautiful. Oh, that exhausted family.