Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where are they now?

Seems like change is the only thing.........and I don't mean Obama.
Photographs can bring them back, a little.

My son Michael, on a road trip we took together long ago. He was and still is as strong as he looks.

My father Don LaMoreaux, contacting the ancestors. He was strong in a different way.
I guess he is with them now.
I miss him so.


applesfour said...

Those are really powerful. The one of Michael reminds me of that photo exhibit we went to in Fort Worth when you visited. Can't remember the name of the photographer. There were a lot of oil workers and stuff.

Mark and Chris said...

Richard Avedon at the Amon Carter Museum. Yea.

Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon said...

Haunting pictures. Michael's eyes could burn right through you! Struck me as rather Dorothea Lange-ish?

Mark and Chris said...

Part of what makes it work so well is the light. We found a huge empty storage barn out in the middle of Washington. It had a big door open at the end so the background was totally black. Perfect place for a photo.

I also really liked the pose he struck. It shows a little of his attitude at that age.


slycat4894 said...

Wow, the picture of your father is great! Captures that side of him that I so loved. Those LaMoreaux men, haunting and so handsome!