Friday, March 27, 2009

More Jazz Festival

A few more of my favorites from this year's Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.

Fernando Pullum.........Adjudicator from LA. Cool guy.

Strange man hanging around with my Polish assistant, Kate. He turned out to be the President of the University working on his speech!

Jackie Ryan. Three and a half octave range! Really nice too.

All the guys. Wow, I love this. They are all so fabulous and they really do have as much fun as it looks like.

The sisters.

Interesting looking ladies who looked like they needed their picture taken. They turned out to be very powerful executives at the University. I think one of them even signs my pay check.

Henry, my old friend from UI days. He works at Vet Med WSU now. Wow have we got some stories.

Joffrey and Tiffany.

Simba, that international man of mystery, puts a spell on Kate. We have made some music together lately and I look forward to more. He really is talented.


Horace.........single now so he takes home all the ladies! Great to see him up from Texas.

The fabulous fare at the after hours party. You can see why it is so popular.

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Bev Atwood said...

Wow. All spectacular photos. You should be famous (and well paid for it).