Monday, March 23, 2009

Lulu gets a buzz!

The big adventure for the weekend. Sister Laura K. gets her hair cut........and sets a trend!

Here she is thinking about it. The whole thing causes us all to take life a little more seriously and it bonds us all together a lot more. Good girl, Lulu!

Here is sister Sarah in a before shot. It's unclear whether she looks better with or without.

Here daughter Amy watches as her own son gets the buzz. Well, summer is coming anyway.

Grandma takes the plunge. Too bad since I think her hair has never looked better! What a sport she is. Always has been.

This is it! The shape we've all been waiting to see. Actually pretty good and I love the way it shows off her nose.

Of course, after we all have to get something to eat!! And show off to Sandpoint.

The locals could care less........

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Signe said...

What a beautiful group of ladies. You are so lucky to have them to photograph! Love the pictures.