Saturday, July 18, 2009 the beach!

This fellow guards our trail down to the beach. Keeps the riff-raff out. But what is he?

Scares everybody to death.

Kami and Chris in the car for the trip to the aquarium down in Newport. Big excitement.

Kami delighted by one of the sights in the tank.

Some strange sights.

Of course, we had a chance to do a little diving ourselves.

A wonderful meal and fabulous beer at Rogue's Brewery.
I had the Smoked! Jonathan's fish and chips took my prize as the best yet in the States.

Late night on the beach.


Next day some of us try the Aviation Museum up by Tillamook. Some great planes, all in the worlds largest wooden structure, a WWII hangar for dirigibles!

Kami studies a bank of cylinders from a Spitfire.

Jon photographs some interesting detail on a small turbojet engine.

Up above the door (at about 120 feet) is the basketball hoop. Funny.

Finally back home and Bea plays with the camera. Busy day.
Very nice place here............but not quite as good as Paris.

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