Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Final days at the beach...........

A few shots from the tour of the Tillammmmoooook sheesh factory.

What??? No giant vats of cottage cheese being stirred by short people?

Everyone gamely tries to get interested.

The girls even pose as cow and farmer. It's almost like Disneyland here.

The litttle girls eating ice cream......that's the real attraction.

Bea pretty much sums up everybody's reaction to the tour.
Maybe it's just too much of a good thing.

Now...........this is more like it...flying kites on the beach!!!

Chris and Kami ward off the chill on the deck. Very nice and cozy.

John and Kami inserting earplugs in preparation for ripping up the curvy roads around here.
Later Jon discovers that the master link is about to fall out of his chain. Luckily, disaster averted.

Even though we are located here in a Tsunami danger area, we really didn't get to see one.
This is actually clouds flowing over the hillside. Cool though.

Some of our neighbors have this great Dragon Kite. Takes a lot of wind but it sure looks good.
Kites are one of the major pastimes, along with walks on the beach, naps on the porch, and just staring at the waves.........waves.....waves.

Bea and Emma open a "Sand Stor" . After a while, with few takers, they switch to selling Dandelions. Not much better.

Jonathan had decided that it is all a waste of time and has settled in to a routine of grading papers and writing his thesis. "All work and no play" Whatever works!

More of our neighbors. For the last eleven years they have come to this same place and built one of these sand monsters. Every year the monster is eaten by the sea. They apparently will never learn.

We have packed all that we can for our getaway tomorrow morning. Not sure if I am ready to leave but I suppose it is just the drive that I am dreading. Lots of hard candy, really bad coffee, and weird mexican radio stations.
See you soon.

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