Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, what a dreamer am I

Just browsing through Paris pictures and had to show you a few more. I am dreaming of being there again someday.

This is an Easter Island head on spectacular display in the Louvre.

I ran across this little shop that displayed and sold copies of old maps. This is one of old Paris from.....I dunno.....1300 or so. Once I learn to read French maybe I can decipher this.
I sure wish I had bought some now!!

Ice Cream shop. The displays were honestly works of art!! This photo hardly gives any idea of the amazing colors. What is the matter with us that we can't do this?

Finally, a Drug Store. They all have this carnival green display.......I guess so you can find them easily. I thought they were just delightful.
Enough for now. Preparing to do a jam session here with Alex, Foucachon son-in-law from France. Supposed to be an amazing bass player. Guess we'll find out.
Joyeux Noel!!


applesfour said...

I love the drugstore green! And the ice cream reminds me of the gelato we had in Texas only the gelato wasn't as brilliant--must be Americans making it!

Old McIntosh's said...

I love the Paris pictures! Each time you post them, I am amazed at the photographic eye, and the feel of actually being there - so much more than the usual photos one sees.

The "glace" was particularly wonderful, with all of the colors and textures. I imagine it all tastes amazing! One little Baskin-Robbins spoonful per flavor.