Sunday, December 28, 2008

A little bit of Christmas

Around the house on our Christmas Eve.

Violet crowned by the Christmas tree. Finally got rid of it yesterday. Whew.....

Bea gets the camera again and I discover this photo. Amazing!! She will be a great talent.

And of course, she works so well with human subjects.....well.....almost human.

The view from the front porch at night. Looks a lot better than it feels!!

Bit of a storm going through our area these days. Made quite a mess of the wreath!! Cold too!

Here they are......all laid out for the kids. Santa is always so creative!!

Kami and Annie trying on all kinds of knitted gear. She finally gets a Green Thumb!!

Girls with Cabbage Patches. Violet is grazing for anything she can find. Usually Mum-Mum crumbs.

Bug seemed very pleased with his new camera. Just don't lose it, Bug!!

Violet gets up from her big beauty nap!! Face still shows the imprint of the blanket. Still has a much better complexion than Bug!! And she smells heavenly!
The next day, the McIntosh Clan all went off to spend the rest of the holiday next to the pool in Palm Springs!! While we shovel the snow and feed the fire!!!


jans. said...

Now that looked like a lot of family fun! Love the mittens, found mine today, I am wearing them for a hike in the snow tomorrow! Who would want to miss all this lovely snow and ice,welome back to winter Annie!and Jonathan! Happy New Year!

Diane Garaway said...

So staying in touch via facebook and blog! Love seeing all the kids!