Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still wandering around Sainte-Chapelle!!!

I have been trying to work on some of these photos in between the agitation of the film in the fixer! Couldn't resist showing you a few. Sorry that some of them are so big and take a while to download. It's all the detail.

Beautiful vaulted ceiling in the "gift shop". Tried to lay on my back on the floor but the guards didn't like it.

Down, down, down.........

More of the fabulous windows. Hard to imagine a people who could or would make such a place! We have started French language lessons from Donna F. and she has been teaching us some of the reasons why the French are so unique. Really a wonderful time for us!!
Harpsichord waiting in the corner. (for you?)

This kind of shows the tiny size of this place. It is really something different! 13th Century!
Enough for now. I am really loving this. People I meet on the street tell me that they have been looking at this and it really energizes me to keep doing it. I guess it is sort of like publishing......
Mr. Mark

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