Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jon gets Married (par Deux) ?

Ahhhh, yes. The bachelor party. I had to weasel an invitation for myself but I guess they didn't mind too much. Of course, a North Idaho bachelor party ( a real one) consists of an evening of consumption! Beer, food, and bullets!!

Here Bug and Fred discuss the merits of various 9mm loads. Gotta have stopping power!

Jon blasts away with his latest toy. Nice machine. Very very loud!

Here he tries that Schwartzeneger trick of dual 12 guage shotguns. Mowed down several small trees! The wild west!

Time to remove the earplugs and clean the place up. Pack in, pack out. Off to the BBQ.

Kami and Chris wait their turn at the rehearsal. Pretty cute, huh? Yea!!

Finally the big day arrives. Weather near perfect. Good friends and amazing amounts of family from across the world! Jon checks on some stock quotes at the last second. Kami is looking for a light. I expect her to float up off the ground at any moment.

The happy couple. And they are.
We thank God for his love of us. And for Kami.

Jon, at his peril, makes fun of some detail on the wedding dress. Careful, Jon. That bouquet
is pretty heavy!

The wedding closet comes through for us. Nice.

Jon holds court. And they are enthralled. Amazing. How very wise these young people are nowdays!

Fun with Emma and Bea. They are pretty strong medicine. They love Kami and visa-versa...

The bunch of us...

And the Faux side. Toughest subject was the dog. They always are. Love these family gatherings.

Emma and Bea doing their part to mess up the planet. Sure pretty but what a mess!

All the formalities finished, Jon tries to convice Kami that she really can get it all in at the same time. Typical female, she resists. Go for it Jon.

Ok, just about enough you are thinking!
I have a few other adventures to display but school just started and now it is like the first hill of the coaster. When I hit the bottom, I may be able to think again.


Paula said...

Hey there! Jon cleans up pretty good - never seen him in a tux! You can tell him I said that :)
Paula C.

jans. said...

Thank you again for inviting us to witness that delightful ceremony! They are married, it's a done deal!! So happy for them, Jon does indeed have a lovely wife.

Molly said...

Wow, Jon LaMoreaux is married. I have a 10-year head-start (and two kids) on you, Jon. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your bride.

-- Molly (Burnam) Klug, Vancouver, WA

Signe said...

Love the bachelor party pictures. You've gotta love north Idaho. You captured it in all it's glory.