Friday, May 7, 2010

Logos "Grandparents Day" (I do my part)

Emma's 1st grade class warms up for their performance.

Here is some of the enraptured audience.........mostly friendly.

They called it "an opera" since there was so much singing. "The Little Red Hen"

Back in the classroom, Emma shows off the latest book she has written!

Outside, I view the art. Chicken drawings.

The secretary, Sandy, takes a call from Mexico.

Lots of our favorite grandparents are here.....this one from Santa Cruz.

This one from.........a Harry Potter Movie?

Finally, Emma and I have lunch on the lawn in the sun. Puuuurfict!

I told Donna that next year we are having our lunch at West of Paris!

After, Emma practices for the circus.......Cirque de Soleil!

A few of the Whitlings. Tora gets the vote for making the best pork and beans!

Finally home in time to catch Chris and Annie finishing a walk around the block.
They all asked about you, dear!

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