Friday, February 13, 2009

Helen Johnson Memorial

I know I'm a little late posting these but I had forgotten how much I liked them.

In Sandpoint, for a memorial service for an old friend of the family.

My mother-in-law (la belle-mere) out walking the dog before we go. She is a real hat lady!!

This is the room where people can pick out the special urn they want for the ashes. Strange place.

This is the urn I thought I would like for me. Being a veteran, I am very patriotic.

Aunt Sarah's bike lock! She lives with a police detective so she gets free bike locks.

Little scene in the rec room. Couldn't pass it up.

Mary and Dave have some thoughtful moments. Love those hats!!

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Signe said...

I love this blog, it makes me laugh out loud. You guys are way too much fun. Love the urn, I think you should have Annie keep it on her mantle.