Tuesday, November 25, 2008

McIntosh time..........

Beatrice............with feet growing out of her tummy!!!

The excuse this time is: Emma McIntosh has turned 5 years old!!
Never mind that she looks 21!!

Of course Violet must now have a share. Her first photo shoot! Cute......like mother, like daughter.

A little fun with boxes......... Bea's idea.

Mom spends a little time pulling hair!!

Jonathan keeps an eye on Violet while the girls change. I love this one. And of course, no retouching necessary!!


drgrauke said...

Should not the doctor who caught two of these three beautiful children get at least some of the credit?


Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon said...

Love the photo with the box! Bea must have a creative inclination like her Papa.

And I see that the reliable magic bell keeps Emma smiling while mom yanks on her hair.

Great family y'all have!


Jason Farley said...

And shall I expect to see them soon in California?

Nicole de Martimprey said...

Fun to find your blog! Sorry I didn't see it earlier.