Friday, October 17, 2008

Do I have the best job in the world??

Paula Nadreau.........Has a French name, right?? She looks it too!!


Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon said...

I think that the foolproof method for disguising yourself as French (or Continental in general) is to wear black. Or gray. Or white if you must. If you simply must break the monochrome mold, for heaven's sake, limit yourself to accessories! Red shoes? Oui. Red blouson? Non. Violet Vespa? Oui. Violet trousers? Non. Wear black, and you will fit right in. Until you open your mouth, of course.

Take your photo of Sainte-Chapelle tourists as a case in point: That gauche individual wearing the bright red hoodie? American. Pas de doute.

When we lived in Warsaw, my dad could never figure out why people automatically would speak to him in English before he had uttered a word. But when he one day traded in his neon-colored ski parka for a drab gray trench coat, voilá! Suddenly he was mistaken for a native.

And yes. You do have a fabulous job!

Mark and Chris said...

A fabulous job! I am blessed to be able to see and photograph such beautiful people. And the real icing is when I can photograph their wedding day. I feel so honored. I love them all.

Paula... look at those eyes! Amazing.