Thursday, July 24, 2008

On my mind.......

you've............probably all been wondering... what has happened to him?

I've been working on a new case of mouse tunnel syndrome. Editing and fixing pictures from our trip to be printed for albums at home. They are so much fun to view that way.

But........I must go blind for it all to happen. I guess all good things cost...... yea.

But, I have run across a couple that I must share right now. I just like them. Mostly the light I guess.

These are all around the entrace to the Louvre in the late afternoon. You can see what I mean about the light. (And technically, we could call all of it "daylight") !!

Probably mostly tourists in the scenes but some of them can look good too. I actually mistook a whole family from Minnesota for locals! They were very flattered.
It's all about the looks, isn't it?

I kind of like taking pictures of other photographers at work. Seems to focus (?) the whole thing.

Ahhhh......the roof! Is the color from.. copper, tile, or lead.......? Wonderful color tho.

Some people just sit and think. I like to do that. It looks like I am getting nothing done but actually, I get my best work done that way.

Lines.......more lines. Just couldn't get enough of this place. Yea........the light!
Well, back to work for me. I hope to do another posting of misc soon. Maybe two wheeled vehicles.
Mark L.


jans. said...

Those are some pretty fancy pictures! Put them in the fair, suprise some people!

Mark and Chris said...

Since I judge the fair, it wouldn't be very fair at all, would it?

Bev Atwood said...

Hadn't seen these before -- looking at wedding photos, which BTW, are also beautiful. But these of the light and shadows are quite out of the ordinary. My fav is the one of people walking toward the arch, casting shadows, and a hint of that glass pyramid (which is one of those structural wonders that makes you wonder . . .) It is just the right amount of context to give you the best part of where you are and why you're there (not for the pyradmid).