Thursday, January 17, 2008

You know, I just have to say I think I have the most talented photographer for a husband. I look at all the photo displays in the mall, the samples in the photo stores, the so-called "best of shows" in the magazines and none compare to the quality or artistic simplicity of his wonderful pictures. Mark has an uncanny way of capturing the subject for who he or she really is. The photos are so natural but so beautiful and fun. I get thrilled when I go to my friends' homes and see his work so tastefully displayed on their walls. I think he's leaving a great legacy.

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Mark and Chris said...

I'm not sure what has come over her. Maybe it has something to do with our 36 year anniversary yesterday.

How have we made it this long?
The Grace of God!!

He has been merciful to us and I constantly thank Him for it.

And her!

-Mr Mark